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Conference on Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Financial Services in a Digital Age

Event | 5 - 6 June 2019 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan
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Improvements in financial inclusion have contributed significantly to poverty reduction and prosperity in Asia and the Pacific. This progress stems from effective government policies, financial sector efforts, stakeholder coordination, and new technologies. Yet, the range and usage of financial products and services in the region remain a concern. Challenges including account dormancy, over-indebtedness, gender-based access gaps, low financial literacy of vulnerable people, and lack of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise finance require particular attention.

This conference will investigate ways to overcome barriers such as these limiting further breakthroughs in financial services access amid rapid digital development. Focus will be on deploying technologically compatible regulation and complementary measures to raise financial literacy, product and service availability, and consumption vital to greater poverty reduction and sustainable growth in countries across Asia and the Pacific.


The conference aims to stimulate policy dialogue, research, and innovation needed to boost digitally-driven financial inclusion in Asia and the Pacific.


50-100 policymakers and experts from Asia and the Pacific, and globally.

  • Identification of digitally-driven policy solutions and best practices for strengthening financial inclusion
  • Capacity building publication including policy reports, ADBI working papers and/or a book
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