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ADBI/AGI Conference: Public and Private Investment in Human Capital and Intergenerational Transfers in Asia

Event | 14 - 15 November 2017 Hotel Harmonie Cinq, Kitakyushu City, Japan


The accumulation of human capital and household wealth is a prime driver of the growth of labor productivity and household income, which in turn help to provide the basis for poverty reduction and inclusive growth in Asia. Individuals, private firms, and governments all can choose to invest in human capital, but the determinants of such investment and their relation to optimal investment levels are still poorly understood. It is important to understand what factors may drive or hinder such investment, and what policies might encourage greater investment if actual levels are found to be undesirably low. The pattern of such investment by income group can have significant implications for future income inequality, which also need to be understood.

Intergenerational transfers, both during the lifetime of the transferor and afterward, provide the major source of wealth transfers in many economies. The nature of such transfers can have a major impact on the distribution of wealth, the ability of the next generation to invest in human capital, and therefore on income distribution as well. They may also have important effects on behavior such as care of the elderly by offspring or other relatives. In view of aging of populations and growing needs for pension programs and health insurance, these effects can have important implications for costs of public programs to support the elderly.


  • Gather well-known scholars and experts on aging-related issues and actively promote discussion;
  • Contribute to the theoretical and empirical literature, and to regional policy dialogue;
  • Analyse major challenges for Asian economies arising from issues related to public and private investment in human capital and intergenerational transfers in Asia; and
  • Identify policies to address such challenges in ways that support sustainable and inclusive growth.


About 30 participants.


  • 16 research papers focusing on:
    • Public investment in human capital
    • Private investment in human capital
    • Intergenerational transfers including bequests and inter vivos transfers
    • The intergenerational propagation of inequality
    • The impact of education and intergenerational transfers on inequality
  • A published special journal issue or book

How to register

By invitation only.




Asian Growth Research Institute

Time of event

09:30 - 18:00