Research Launch: What’s the Evidence? Youth Engagement and the Sustainable Development Goals | Asian Development Bank

Research Launch: What’s the Evidence? Youth Engagement and the Sustainable Development Goals

Event | 18 January 2019 Auditorium A, ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines, 1:30–5:30 p.m. (GMT+8)


Young people are already contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in ways that are yet to be fully appreciated or acknowledged. They also aspire to serve in more significant roles, and hold hidden assets that have great potential towards helping achieve the goals. To gain a stronger understanding of young people’s “value add” and how to tap into this resource, Plan International carried out research efforts with the support of ADB and in collaboration with AIESEC. The study represents an encouraging body of evidence, both primary and secondary, which will inform future practice and policy-making with regard to young women and men’s contributions towards the SDGs.

ADB and Plan International will be launching the research in January in a side-by-side event with the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange. The event will feature a vibrant panel discussion on the evidence-base and future prospects for empowering youth. There will also be a marketplace experience in which young people from across Asia and the Pacific will demonstrate projects they have developed on fulfilling the SDGs whilst on immersive placements in the Philippines.


  • Formally launch the research, distribute copies to participants, and advertise online accessibility.
  • Showcase proposed youth projects that aim to contribute to the SDGs (via the SDG Festival hosted by the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange).
  • Hold a panel discussion that:
    • Tackles key themes from the research;
    • Provides an avenue for interaction between various actors to discuss the whys and hows of youth engagement, as well as the challenges that hinder youth from participating and/or have their contributions recognized;
    • Capture participants’ insights and best practices on youth engagement.
  • Provide an avenue for networking at the end of the event wherein refreshments will be served at the ADB Courtyard.

Target participants

Representatives of NGOs and civil society organizations, ADB staff, Philippine government, regional bodies, youth, academia, media outlets, and the private sector

Resource speakers

Dignitaries and representatives from ADB, Plan International, UN, the Philippine government, and the youth will discuss key themes from the research and their institutions’ work as it relates to youth engagement and the SDGs.

How to register

This event is by invitation and limited-slot free-for-all registration. For non-ADB participants, please register through before midnight Manila time (GMT +8) on 11 January 2019 (Friday).

Registration may close earlier if the number of registrations exceeds event capacity. Please register early and wait for an email confirmation stating that you have been accepted as a participant.


While attendance to the event is free, ADB does not cover travel and accommodation expenses of participants.

Event organizers/partners

Plan International, with support from AIESEC and the Urban Youth Academy through the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange