This policy dialogue will help policy makers learn about and share their knowledge on developing the insurance and private pension market, along with disaster risk financing strategies.


People in Asia and the Pacific face an increasing variety of financial risks, including those linked to their retirement. Unfortunately, public funding is limited in most countries and has not been enough to protect against these risks. Insurance and retirement saving could be key in providing financial protection and security. Insurance companies and private pension funds as institutional investors can also provide much-needed capital for the real economy and assets that would benefit from large investments.

Countries still face significant exposure to disaster risks, and/or have limited capacity to manage the financial impacts of disasters such as natural hazards, terrorist attacks, industrial and technological accidents, and pandemics, among others. Policy makers need to develop a strategy to promote financial resilience against disasters and safeguard economic growth and development.

ADBI, in cooperation with OECD, will hold a roundtable on insurance and retirement savings as well as a seminar on disaster risk financing. Participants will discuss policies that will lead to developing sound insurance and private pension markets as well as an effective disaster risk financing strategy.


Bring together experts and government officials to identify the factors that will lead to development of the insurance and private pension market and disaster risk financing strategies.


About 66 participants and speakers from OECD countries and ADB developing member countries.

Participant responsibilities

Actively join discussions and share views and experiences.


  • Support for Asian regulators’ efforts to ensure the availability of quality statistical indicators on insurance and private pension market performance and risks
  • Overview of how insurance markets have developed, and what leads to development of sound and safe markets
  • Knowledge sharing between OECD and Asian countries in designing pension systems
  • Identification of elements needed to design a disaster risk financing strategy
  • Case studies from Asia-Pacific countries that have developed disaster risk financing
  • Provision of best-case practices for financial management of infrastructure exposure to disaster risk

How to register

By invitation only.




Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Time of event

10:00 - 18:00

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