SASEC Trade Facilitation and Transport Working Group Meeting

Event | 7 - 8 February 2017
Colombo, Sri Lanka


The South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Trade Facilitation and Transport Working Group (TFTWG) Meeting was established in March 2013 to serve as a platform for increased regional cooperation. This annual meeting reviews progress of SASEC initiatives to enhance transport connectivity and promote more efficient, transparent, secure, and service-oriented processing of cross-border trade in South Asia.

This upcoming meeting will chart the future direction of SASEC cooperation to achieve the member countries’ development goals. It will review the SASEC Vision document designed to articulate the long-term potential of the subregion as an integrated entity, reflecting the collective aspirations of SASEC members and providing the overarching framework and long-term strategy for sustained and inclusive growth.

The meeting will also update the SASEC Operational Plan 2016-2025, adopted in May 2016. This plan outlines the strategic objectives and operational priorities in key sectors and areas of cooperation, namely transport, trade facilitation, energy, and economic corridor development. It has identified over 200 potential priority projects requiring over $120 billion worth of investments to promote sustained and inclusive growth through regional cooperation.


The workshop is expected to:

  • Review progress in ongoing SASEC regional transport sector projects and initiatives;
  • Review progress in SASEC trade facilitation projects, technical assistance and initiatives to speed up and reduce the costs of cross-border trade in the subregion;
  • Consider future cooperation in trade facilitation and transport, including the possible updating of strategic thrusts in the sectors and the pipeline of priority projects and activities laid out in the SASEC Operational Plan;
  • Chart the future direction of SASEC cooperation, and review the SASEC vision document; and
  • Update the SASEC Operational Plan 2016-2025.

Invited participants include

  • SASEC nodal officials from the six SASEC member countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka)
  • Senior officials from finance, planning, customs, commerce and trade, transport, rail, shipping, industry, energy, and tourism ministries and agencies
  • ADB representatives
  • Representatives of selected development partner agencies

How to register

By invitation only


Arrangements are made on a per country basis.