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Distinguished Speaker Series: Science Publications, Technology, and the Economy

Event | 13 March 2018 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan

Speaker: Eden Yu
Affiliation: Chu Hai College
Time: 16:30–17:30


Eden Yu will examine major inventions in human history and present the world rankings of top research-productive institutions based on pages of research papers published in Science and Nature over 1951–2010. The United States’ (US’) dominance in publications confirms a general belief that the US has been the home base for the highest levels of scientific research for more than half a century. It is also believed that such publications in science may have been a driving force for technological advancement in the US and other nations, and hence higher economic growth. A vector autoregressive model has been estimated and impulse responses suggest that higher economic growth leads to the growth of science publications while the rise in publications is found to have a feedback effect on economic growth. The results are, in general, consistent with the role of research and development and human capital in the growth of nations.

About the Speaker

Eden Yu received his PhD from Washington University, US. He has been vice president of Chu Hai College Hong Kong since 2015. He was distinguished professor at Louisiana State University, Chair Professor at Chinese University and City University of Hong Kong, and has published over 100 journal articles and 6 scholarly books on international trade and environmental economics. He has served on the editorial boards of several academic journals, government committees, and professional organizations. He is a founding editor of the Pacific Economic Review, advisory editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, and the founder of the International Economics and Finance Society of Hong Kong.


Understand the relationship between scientific publications, technological growth, and the economy.


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