Second ASEAN Rice Trade Forum

Event | 4 - 5 June 2013 Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa, Yogyakarta Indonesia


The purpose of the ASEAN Rice Trade Forum is to serve as a platform for representatives of the ASEAN Member States and various stakeholder groups to collectively

  • share, analyse and disseminate the rice market outlook and various scenarios;
  • identify areas of cooperation and policy coordination to mitigate or avoid extreme rice price volatility;
  • determine long-term and strategic policy reforms for the sustained development of regional rice trade; and
  • identify immediate and long-term policy measures to attain food security.


The theme for the 2nd ASEAN Rice Trade Forum is "Rice Trade and Self-Sufficiency in ASEAN." The specific objectives of the Forum are

  • to understand the dynamics and feasibility of rice self-sufficiency as a policy option and policy action in ASEAN;
  • to identify the costs, benefits, risks, and trade-offs of rice self-sufficiency and rice trade; and
  • to determine the key challenges and opportunities with respect to rice trade and rice self-sufficiency strategies, within the evolving regional and global context.


Participation is by invitation only.

The Forum invited about 60 participants representing the following:

  • ASEAN Food Security Reserve Board (AFSRB)
  • Rice farmers' groups, traders associations, and agribusinesses
  • Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)
  • International partners and donors
  • ASEAN Secretariat and AFSRB Secretariat
  • Selected experts and resource persons