Time of event

15:00–18:10 Tokyo time


The adoption of stringent measures to contain COVID-19 such as lockdowns and contact tracing in some countries and rejection of them in others has highlighted the importance of applying behavioral insights to promote effective recovery strategies.

Co-hosted by ADBI and the Japan Nudge Promotion Council, this webinar shared lessons learned and best practices for applying behavioral and nudges in the COVID-19 environment. The focus was on ways to boost green financing and pandemic recovery, drawing upon big data, randomized controlled trials, and behavioral surveys.

  • Share best practices and lessons learned pertaining to the use of behavioral insights for combating the COVID-19 pandemic in the medium term
  • Examine how behavioral insights could help promote green financing and pandemic recovery
  • Policy makers and experts, as well as interested members of the public
  • Enhanced understanding of the use of behavioral insights and nudge theory to combat new waves of COVID-19
  • Information and best practice exchange to develop more effective COVID-19 mitigation policies
  • Greater COVID-19 policy collaboration between government officials, experts, and stakeholders
  • Japan Nudge Promotion Council
  • Asian Development Bank
Conference Presentations

Session 1.1: Some Questions About Digitalization and Global Supply Chains
Tetsushi Sonobe, Dean and CEO, Asian Development Bank Institute


Session 1.2: What Works to Control COVID-19? Econometric Analysis of a Cross-Country Panel
David Raitzer, Economist, Economic Analysis and Operation Support Division, Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department, ADB


Session 1.3: Behavioral Sciences Team (BEST) – Japan’s Nationwide Challenge
Keiichi Tamaki, Urban Planner, JNPC
Tadahiro Ikemoto, Director for Behavioral Insights Strategy, the Ministry of the Environment and Deputy Director, Cabinet Office and Founder and President of Behavioral Sciences Team (BEST)


Session 2.1: New Mobility Behaviors-Impact on CO2 Emission
Naoki Sakai, CEO, Japan Nudge Promotion Council


Session 2.2: Behavioural Insights in the face of COVID-19 among Japanese College Students
Shoko Yamane, CEO, Papalaka Research Institute, Ltd


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