ADBI’s Seminar Series brings eminent persons to ADBI to encourage debate among policymakers, researchers, academics, think tanks, and other audiences interested in economic development challenges in the Asia and Pacific region.


During the past 50 years, the changes in developing countries in the Asian region have been remarkable. When ADB was established in 1966, the outlook for many countries in Asia was not encouraging. The two Asian giants, PRC and India, had not yet entered into their sustained development phase and the growth process was stagnating in much of Southeast Asia. During the following five decades, a series of transformations swept across the region. ADB participated in this process of sweeping change, and also worked to change itself so as to be able to continue to be a good partner for developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2017, the Asian Development Bank will hold its 50th annual meeting in the city of  Yokohama. To mark the occasion, and to tell the story of ADB’s life and times during the transformation in the Asia-Pacific region, the [email protected] team in Manila is preparing a book on the Bank.

Peter McCawley is an economist who has worked on Indonesian and Asian economic issues for many years. He is a visiting fellow at the Australian National University, Canberra and is currently a consultant to the Asian Development Bank in Manila working with a number of colleagues on the [email protected] history project. The aim of the project is to prepare a book on the history of the Bank to be launched at the 50th Annual Meeting of ADB in Yokohama in 2017.

Peter McCawley has worked in various capacities with ADB for over 25 years. He was an executive director on the ADB board in Manila (1992-96) and later took part in chairing three rounds of Asian Development Fund negotiations with donors between 1999 and 2008. He was Dean of the ADB Institute between 2003-2007. He has also written a number of books and numerous articles about the Indonesian economy and other aspects of Asian economic development.


This brown bag talk will discuss some of the main themes of the book, and will outline questions which ADB needs to consider as it continues to improve its role as an effective development bank for Asia.


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