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Seminar: Agricultural Policy Reforms and the Implications of Trans-Pacific Partnership for Japan

Event | 25 April 2014 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


ADBI's Seminar Series brings eminent persons to ADBI to encourage debate among policymakers, researchers, academics, think tanks, and other audiences interested in economic development challenges in the Asia and Pacific region.


Dr. Hiro Lee has worked extensively in quantitative analysis of international trade and development, particularly on economies in the Asia and Pacific region. He has held academic positions in the US (UC Irvine) and Japan (Nagoya University, Kobe University, and Osaka University), and he worked on a global environment project at the OECD. His studies have been published in a variety of books and journals, including Cambridge University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, World Scientific, the Journal of Development Economics, and The World Economy. He is is associate editor of the Asian Economic Journal.


This seminar will examine welfare effects and the extent of sectoral adjustments under the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement from the perspective of Japan. The results of CGE model simulations suggest that by 2030 Japan's welfare gain would exceed 1.5%, but output of some agricultural products would contract sharply. If agricultural policy reforms lead to an improvement in productivity of agricultural sectors, the extent of output contraction would be reduced significantly except for dairy products. This suggests the importance of carrying out agricultural policy reforms in Japan for region-wide trade accords.


Policymakers, academics, outside researchers, and the general public; approximately 30 participants.