Time of event

17:00–19:00 Tokyo time


This ADBI-Japan Railway Technical Service (JARTS)-Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), Kanpur and Madras session is part of a learning series to examine key aspects of high-speed rail construction and management. The session examined performance standards development for high-speed railway (HSR) assets, particularly railway vehicles, or rolling stock, which constitutes a significant portion of overall HSR infrastructure.

The focus was on standards setting for HSR service requirements and quality control of rolling stock, drawing from experiences in India and Europe. A panel discussion also addressed technical, managerial, and human capacity building for domestic manufacturing of imported rolling stock systems that maintains quality standards

The session included English-Japanese simultaneous interpreting.

  • Discuss standards setting for HSR assets
  • Assess capacity building needs and opportunities for ensuring HSR quality standards
  • Government officials and representatives from high-speed rail operators from Asia and Europe
  • Industry experts from think tanks, universities, and international organizations
  • Young researchers and university students
  • Enhanced understanding of HSR standards development and capacity building challenges and solutions
  • Project experience-sharing between policy makers, industry practitioners, and researchers
  • ADBI policy briefs and case studies
  • Edited volume drawing upon the session presentations and key messages
  • Indian Institutes of Technology, Kanpur and Madras
  • Japan Railway Technical Service
  • World Conference of Transport Research Society

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