Time of Event

Day 1: 11:00 – 13:00 Tokyo time
Day 2: 11:00 – 13:00 Tokyo time


Post-COVID-19 limitations on fiscal space continue to affect Asia’s economic recovery and development agenda. The region’s sustainable growth challenges are compounded by spiking energy and food prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, exacerbating pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions. Many countries now face a difficult trade-off between retaining safeguards for effected people and firms and rebuilding fiscal buffers to reduce vulnerability and move toward a new normal.

The Seventh Tokyo Fiscal Forum spotlighted post-COVID-19 era fiscal experiences and best practices in Asia, and recent policy work by the International Monetary Fund. It focused on ways to strengthen the credibility of public finances, Asia’s fiscal framework, fiscal needs for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and the digitalization of government operations.

  • Explore post-COVID-19 fiscal policy options for boosting the credibility of public finances and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Discuss the potential for fiscal policy advancements by leveraging digital technologies in fiscal operations
  • Highlight fiscal policy experiences, best practices, and the way toward a post-COVID-19 new normal
Target Participants
  • Strengthened capacity of government officials to manage post-COVID-19 fiscal policy and digitalization
  • Enhanced dialogue among government officials and experts on boosting sound public finances and economic recovery
  • Presentations delivered during the conference will be made available on the ADBI website
How to Register
  • By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI

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