Slowing growth and government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have lifted debt levels globally, with developing Asia also caught up in this trend. In the new book, The Sustainability of Asia’s Debt: Problems, Policies, and Practices, 24 renowned experts and practitioners explore the anatomy and dynamics of debt accumulation in Asia, a region whose financial stability matters to the entire world. This volume explains the role that borrowing has in the behavior of governments, corporations, and households. With its factual, analytical, and practical approach, the book provides rich lessons for researchers and policymakers through deep dives into subregional, country, and sector cases. Join the panel of experts as they discuss the issues raised in the book, along with possible policy responses to ensure debt trends in Asia remain sustainable.


Webinar attendees will have the chance to engage with the speakers and:

  • Hear the diagnosis of Asia’s debt accumulation by renowned experts from the upcoming ADB book co-published with Edward Elgar.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what makes borrowing sustainable or not by examining relevant drivers of debt in Asia.
  • Discuss policy recommendations, especially those involving the use of new financial instruments.

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Resource speakers

Webinar host and moderator

Benno Ferrarini

Benno Ferrarini
Principal Economist
Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department
Asian Development Bank


Marcelo Giugale

Marcelo Giugale
Professor, Georgetown University
and former Director of Country, Regional, and Global Departments,
World Bank

Lili Liu

Lili Liu
Former Global Lead Intergovernmental Finance
and served on the Urban and Transport Sector Boards
World Bank

Farah Imrana Hussain

Farah Imrana Hussain
Senior Financial Officer and Sustainable Finance Specialist
Capital Markets and Investment
Department of the World Bank Treasury

Juan Pradelli Hussain

Juan Pradelli
Senior Expert, Fiscal Policy and Debt Management
former staff of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank

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