Time of Event

10:30am-12:00pm Bali time / 11:30am-1:00pm Tokyo time


An ADBI cohosted side event of the 2022 Think20 (T20) Summit and simultaneously open to the public online, this townhall examined the Think7 (T7), the think tank engagement group of the Group of 7 (G7) formally inaugurated as part of Germany’s 2022 G7 presidency and to convene in Japan under its 2023 G7 presidency.

The townhall focused on T7’s role and outlook, including the value of an open and inclusive approach to participation in the T7 process, opportunities to support G7-developing country engagement, and how to optimize T7-T20 dynamics.

It featured a panel led by senior T7 and T20 experts, followed by an audience question and answer session.

  • Discuss the emergence of T7, its purpose, and the road ahead after T7 Germany 2022 and leading up to T7 Japan 2023
  • Explain how participation from institutions based outside the G7 and attention to developing country issues can strengthen the T7 process and its impacts
  • Explore ways to differentiate T7 and T20 while enhancing dialogue and cooperation between these forums
Target Participants
  • Policy makers, experts from think tanks, universities, and international organizations, media, and other interested members of the public
  • Greater understanding of T7 and its future direction
  • Enhanced support for T7 development
  • Improved T7-T20 collaboration
  • Identification of experts interested in participating in the T7 process
  • Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia
  • German Institute of Development and Sustainability
  • Global Solutions Initiative, Germany
  • Research and Information System for Developing Countries, India
  • University of Indonesia, Institute for Economic and Social Research

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