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Tax and Corruption

Event | 12 - 13 April 2017 Sydney, Australia


Taxes are the main sources of revenue for governments to fund public services and projects. Detecting tax evasion is thus important for authorities to ensure sufficient revenue collection. Corruption, like tax evasion, also leads to erosion of government revenue, in addition to lowering morale, fostering distrust in the government, and creating efficiency losses associated with rent-seeking. Good governance is key to promoting inclusive growth and poverty reduction. Domestic resource mobilization, good central and local government relations, and private sector development are necessary pillars to support growth. However, capacity in governance among ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) remains weak. Institutions need capacity building and training to further strengthen them against corruption, promote good governance, and for them to perform their stated functions well.


To enable participants to share knowledge and experience on:

  • forms of fiscal corruption;
  • the nature and size of problems for revenue authorities;
  • the impact of corruption on tax revenues, tax compliance, and economic development;
  • the relationship between corruption and tax evasion;
  • the relationship between corruption and fiscal decentralization;
  • reforming tax administration to reduce corruption;
  • ensuring ethical behavior of tax officials;
  • drafting tax policy and tax law to mitigate opportunities for corruption;
  • other measures to reduce the potential for corruption in the tax revenue administration and collection system; and
  • the role of international advisory firms and ethical MNEs.


Officials of the ministries of finance and other government bodies that define tax and revenue collection policies.

Participant responsibilities

Active participation in all sessions.


  • Shared knowledge and experiences on enhancing tax administration and detecting tax evasion;
  • Key lessons and best practices learned from challenges and constraints in Asia;
  • Case studies of successful initiatives and programs implemented by countries and their applicability to developing Asia;
  • Enhanced regional cooperation and coordination among tax bodies for better prevention of tax evasion across the region;
  • Better knowledge of technical information on tax administration; and
  • Presentation materials and other relevant documents uploaded on the ADBI website.

How to register

By invitation only.




Asian Development Bank, University of New South Wales, KPMG

Time of event

09:00 - 18:00