Virtual Policy Dialogue on Taxation in the Digital Economy: New Models in Asia and the Pacific

Event | 27 - 29 January 2021

Time of event

Day 1: 11:00–15:30 Tokyo time
Day 2: 11:00–14:40 Tokyo time
Day 3: 11:00–15:30 Tokyo time


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased pressure on government budgets and public debt across Asia and the Pacific due to a rise in large-scale countercyclical expenditure programs and a decrease in tax revenues.

At the same time, governments are facing the need to secure additional financial resources to mitigate pandemic risks while promoting growth recovery and resilience measures critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals such as greater investment in education, health, and combatting climate change.

The accelerating digitalization of the economy due to COVID-19 and the positive impact it can have on job creation and growth has the potential to boost domestic resource mobilization vital to effective pandemic responses. Managing these dynamics poses many difficulties for the region’s policy makers, however.

This ADBI virtual policy dialogue will feature new research examining options for optimizing taxation in Asia and the Pacific in the digitalization era and addressing related challenges. It will also spotlight the latest developments in revenue administration in the region and their implications for the taxation of the digital economy.

  • Examine revenue administration strategies for enhancing services and tax compliance in a digital economy
  • Identify key features of digital markets and business models
  • Highlight policy lessons and experiences to build revenue administration capacity in Asia and the Pacific amid accelerating digitalization
  • Government officials from ADB member economies as well as policy researchers and experts for think tanks, international organizations, and other institutions
  • Improved understanding of revenue administration development and compatibility with digital markets and business models
  • Greater impetus for policy research and international collaboration for strengthening services delivery and compliance within the sector
  • Papers presented during the event will be considered for inclusion in an ADBI book
  • Webinar recording and presentation materials to be uploaded on the ADBI website