Technology for Inclusion Conference | Asian Development Bank

Technology for Inclusion Conference

Event | 27 April 2018 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


Advances in digital technologies, alongside breakthroughs in robotics, 3D printing, and biotechnology, are likely to have dramatic implications for business models and the nature of work. While these technologies are likely to be key drivers of future prosperity, they also pose challenges for workers and societies. This half-day conference will bring together leading policymakers, business leaders, and academics to discuss how new technologies, especially digital technologies, can be harnessed to ensure more inclusive growth.

The conference will highlight the findings of the April 2018 Asian Development Outlook Theme Chapter, How Technology Affects Jobs, and serves as a lead-up event to the 2018 Annual Governors’ Meeting on 3–6 May 2018 at the ADB Headquarters, where the impact of rapid technological change will be one of the central themes.

Participants and resource speakers

High profile resource speakers and participants will come from the private sector (including firms in IT, e-commerce, business process outsourcing, and job-matching), the public sector, academe, and research institutions.

How to register

This event is by invitation only. For inquiries, please email the contact person indicated on this page.