Healthy oceans sustain life on earth by providing billions of people with food and livelihoods. Unfortunately, marine plastic pollution is a growing issue, threatening the productivity of the region’s marine economies. Corals are also essential ecosystems for healthy oceans and coastal resilience, but they are currently degrading and disappearing because of human activity and climate change effects.

The Technology Innovation Challenge (TIC) seeks to find new ways to address development challenges across ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) through partnerships with technology providers.

For this TIC, ADB invites technology providers to propose a pilot / proof-of-concept on high-level technology and innovative solutions for two oceans health-related development challenges below. Successful proposal will receive a maximum of $500,000 to implement its proposed pilot.

  1. Prevent and/or reduce single-use plastic waste to accelerate the transition to a circular economy
  2. Restore and/or protect coral reefs that contribute and increase the resilience of coastal areas

The program is financed by ADB’s High-Level Technology Fund.


The Technology Innovation Challenge for Healthy Oceans aims to award grants (maximum of $500,000 each) to proposals demonstrating innovative technology solutions that 1) prevent plastic waste; or 2) restore and protect coral reefs.

Target participants

Technology providers

Applicants of the TIC for Healthy Oceans must be legally incorporated or registered in an ADB member country or territory, and must have the intellectual property right, through ownership or licenses, to use the proposed technology solution.

Please visit the Expression of Interest submission platform for further details.

How to register

To submit your EOI, visit this application platform.

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