Technology Innovation Challenge for Transport

Event | 8 January 2021
Online, 12:00 noon, Philippines time (UTC +8)


In addressing public transport-related problems, different factors should be looked into as well, including accessibility, connectivity, availability, overcrowding, safety, security, and reliability.

There are pressing issues that need attention such as those related to security that include harassment, alcohol-fuelled violence, and crime. As such, security aspects are relevant to public transport systems, including first and last-mile journey to and from commuters’ origins and final destinations. These issues tend to be even worse in city peripheries and low-income communities, gravely affecting vulnerable groups who often rely on public transport systems.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought additional challenges of health and hygiene to the operation of public transport services. Due to the difficulties of implementing social distancing and the perceived high risk of infection, many cities opted to shut-down their public transport networks.

The Technology Innovation Challenge (TIC) seeks to find new ways to address development challenges across ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) through partnerships with technology providers.

ADB invites technology providers to propose a pilot / proof-of-concept on high-level technology and innovative solutions for two transport-related development challenges:

1. Improve Security for Public Transport Users

2. Promote Health and Hygiene for Public Transport Users


The Technology Innovation Challenge for Transport aims to award a maximum of two grants (up to $500,000 each) that can 1) improve security for public transport users; or 2) promote health and hygiene for public transport users.

Target participants

Technology providers

Applicants of the TIC for Transport must be legally incorporated or registered in an ADB member country or territory, and must have the intellectual property right, through ownership or licenses, to use the technology solution proposed.

For further details, please visit the Expression of Interest submission platform.

How to register

To submit your expression of interest, visit the application platform.