Time of Event

Days 1-4: 09:00-17:00 Kathmandu Time
Day 5: Field Visit


The combined effects of COVID-19, geopolitical uncertainties, and climate change pose particularly severe challenges to the agricultural sector, the backbone of many South Asian economies. They also highlight the broader need for effective collective action mechanisms and development focus realignment to address social, economic, and environmental issues across communities and generations. To strengthen the agricultural sector’s capacity to support domestic and regional economies, policies must promote inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Cohosted by ADBI, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, and the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, this workshop served as a foundation for building capacity in the policy-research interface for agriculture and rural economic transformation in South Asia. The workshop included short research activities and interactive sessions for policy exchanges and experience-sharing to develop effective climate adaptation strategies and inclusive policies for the agricultural sector toward sustainable growth.

  • Promote agriculture sector-focused policy realignment and economic, social, and environmental well-being via knowledge- and experience-sharing
  • Highlight best practices and innovative approaches for climate adaptation and inclusive development in the agricultural sector, including community-based adaptation, clean development mechanisms, sustainable agricultural practices, and social protection programs for vulnerable groups
  • Support government officials in South Asia in developing comprehensive and inclusive policy designs across communities and generation groups
Target Participants
  • Enhanced knowledge and capacity for policy design and development in promoting an inclusive and sustainable agricultural sector in South Asia
  • Topics discussed during the workshop may be published in an edited volume of policy papers
  • Workshop materials will be uploaded to the ADBI website
How to Register

By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI

  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

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