Time of Event

16:00-18:00 Tokyo time


COVID-19 pandemic-induced school closures have made technology use an integral component of education. However, significant knowledge gaps exist between policy makers, practitioners, and other stakeholders on how technology can reduce a teacher’s workload, provide differentiated teaching, support efficient school management and teacher professional development, and bring positive social change.

Cohosted by ADBI and the SMERU Research Institute, this Think20 (T20) Indonesia webinar examined ways to maximize technology’s potential to deliver equitable high-quality education. It highlighted strategies for enhancing the design and integration of technology in education systems, drawing upon experiences and lessons learned in developed and developing countries.

The focus was on identifying policy recommendations to help the Group of 20 (G20) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) member economies promote quality education breakthroughs for all via technology.

  • Discuss the benefits and risks of integrating technology in education
  • Develop policy recommendations to help G20 member countries scale up inclusive digital learning
Target Participants
  • Policy makers, education practitioners, researchers, media, and interested members of the public
  • Greater understanding of technology integration challenges and opportunities in education
  • Policy recommendations on applying technology to increase education quality

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