The summit, co-hosted by ADB, the ADB Institute, and the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania, will comprise panel discussions on best practices and innovative knowledge partnerships. It will also initiate 3-5 parallel tripartite discussions with mutually aligned knowledge partners, DMC officials, and ADB's operations departments on specific development problems in DMCs.

Based on the recommendations at the Summit, ADB will initiate partnerships at the institutional level with selected centers of excellence (COEs) and knowledge hubs. The Third Asia Think Tank Summit: Inclusive Knowledge Partnerships for Development is part of ADB's Knowledge Partnership Week organized by ADB's Knowledge Sharing Services Center (KSSC).

Summit highlight: Thought leaders panel

A panel of thought leaders will share succinct views on how international organizations can engage in knowledge partnerships. The objective is to reach a common understanding of the priorities, challenges, and opportunities for future knowledge partnership initiatives in specific areas such as education, health, inclusive infrastructure, urban resilience and a green environment.


Plenary session I: The role of think tanks in policy making in Asia

An ongoing challenge for think tanks is to produce timely and accessible policy-oriented research that effectively engages policy makers, the press, and the public on the critical issues of the day. In this session, think tanks will present and discuss key initiatives they have implemented to produce successful policy impacts nationally as well as across the Asian region.

Plenary session II: Knowledge partners to increase capacity and deliver the public goods

A panel of think tanks and experts that have been key actors in high-impact knowledge partnerships will demonstrate best practices and innovative designs for such partnerships as well as their value added and efficacy. The objective is to illustrate how institutions have used centers of excellence in policy relevant research to leverage their knowledge and finance to increase the public goods produced.

Session III: Sharing ADB's knowledge and experts through enhanced partnerships and platforms

ADB sector and thematic groups, with the support of ADB’s operations departments, will convene roundtable discussions on initiating institutional partnerships between ADB and centers of excellence across Asia and the Pacific. The roundtables will cover those knowledge areas critical to region’s continued development. They will also seek inputs and support from the participating key stakeholders in establishing joint work programs for successful knowledge partnerships


The Third Asia Think Tank Summit aims to build long-term relationships with strategic knowledge partners from whom ADB can tap innovations to enhance the way it does its business and who will help co-create knowledge solutions that address the priority needs of its DMCs.


The deliverables of the Third Asia Think Tank Summit week are to:

  • develop expanded joint work plans with potential knowledge partners;
  • introduce flexible arrangements to partner with Centers of Excellence; and
  • build a platform to provide information on existing and potential knowledge partners.


Download the  registration form and send to [email protected] on or before 17 April (Friday).

Event Contact

  • Carangal, Mary Jane Senior Knowledge Sharing Services Officer Asian Development Bank E-mail contact form
  • Laurel, Gretchen Consultant - Knowledge Sharing Services Center Asian Development Bank E-mail contact form