Time of Event

Day 1 (8/16): 09:30-17:30 (Seoul time for all days)
Day 2 (8/17): 08:40-17:00
Day 3 (8/18): 08:00-16:30
Day 4 (8/19): 09:30-16:30


Universal health coverage (UHC) can help to realize equitable healthcare access critical to human capital development and sustainable economic growth. A potentially effective way to achieve UHC is through the establishment of a strong national health insurance system that provides access to essential health services while safeguarding patients against financial hardship.

This ADBI training workshop for select government officials explored universal health coverage developments in Asia and the Pacific. Drawing upon UHC experiences in select countries in the region, it highlighted strategies for building UHC reach; legal and governance frameworks; and data privacy protection and disease control.

The workshop also examined information and communication technology-based insurance systems; efficient levy, contribution, collection, and fraud prevention systems; strategic purchasing, cost coverage, and priority setting; and population aging and long-term care insurance. 

  • Spotlight keys to sustainable UHC development in Asia and the Pacific
  • Describe how to design and operate an effective national health insurance system
  • Discuss related imperatives, including financial management, levy approaches, contribution collection, fraud prevention, and big data use
Target Participants
  • Select policy makers from Asian Development Bank member economies, including officials from the Republic of Korea’s National Health Insurance Service
  • Experts from think tanks and universities
  • Enhanced understanding of UHC development challenges and strategies
  • Identification of best practices to support UHC adoption and goal setting
  • Policy recommendations for strengthening health systems in Asia and the Pacific
  • National Health Insurance Service, Republic of Korea

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