Transport Community of Practice Workshop on Road Asset Management

Event | 25 - 26 November 2013 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


Road asset management has long been a priority area of intervention in ADB's assistance to its developing member countries. This prioritization is recognized by our developing member countries as reflected in their demands for rational, transparent and sustainable use of road assets, and supported by ADB through various technical assistance, grants and loans extended to road agencies.

The Transport Community of Practice's governance and institutional issues advisory team and roads advisory team are working together to develop a knowledge product that would recommend appropriate models of future intervention and formulate the position of the Transport Community of Practice on specific topics such as road asset management's institutional setup. The Transport Community of Practice's position will be integrated into ADB's future project designs to achieve sustainable infrastructure.


The workshop will present a structured approach to road asset management which enables a fair and transparent allocation of resources to improve access and benefit the economy, discuss existing and emerging issues relating to road asset management in developing member countries, identify potential solutions, and identify areas and types of future support in road asset management for ADB.

During the workshop, recent developments in road asset management in terms of new technologies and institutional enhancement will be presented. Case studies about Cyprus, New Zealand, and the Philippines will also be examined to identify the success factors in all stages of developing and implementing road asset management.

The concluding session of the Road Asset Management workshop will feature a panel discussion between experts from ADB, the World Bank, the academe, and the government. They will address ten questions ranging from the sector reform to road asset management technologies.

Target participants

Participation is open to ADB staff. This participatory workshop will contribute to staff's capacity improvements in understanding of road asset management principles, process and implementation of transport infrastructure projects and technical assistances, and dialogue with stakeholders.

Resource speakers

Resource persons from the University of Birmingham, University of Auckland, World Bank, Department of Public Works and Highways (Philippines), and transport specialists from ADB are expected to speak during the workshop. Please refer to the draft agenda for complete information about the speakers.


The event is organized by the governance and institutional issues advisory team and the roads advisory team of the Transport Community of Practice.

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