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Policymakers planning large infrastructure projects such as high-speed rail (HSR) are increasingly looking for innovative policy instruments to attract private sector investment in these projects. These discussion sessions will spotlight lessons from infrastructure projects and operations in Asia and the Pacific, with emphasis on the effects of HSR projects on the economy, environment, society, and quality of life. The sessions will also provide guidance to policymakers on managing these “spillover effects” of high-speed rail and quality of life, building on recent discussions at ADBI on this emerging policy focus at ADBI.

The ADBI sessions will be held at the World Conference on Transportation Research.

  • Share lessons and experiences related to transport infrastructure projects and operations in Asia and the Pacific
  • Highlight the effects of infrastructure projects on economies, the environment, society, and quality of life
  • Introduce novel models and mechanisms to replicate the positive effects of infrastructure projects in new projects
  • Government officials and practitioners from transport-related organizations
  • Transportation and infrastructure development policy experts
  • Insights on innovative instruments that attract private sector investments for large-scale high-speed rail infrastructure projects. 
  • Capacity building papers to be compiled in an ADBI Press publication
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By invitation only


World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) Japan

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