ADBI-Chubu University Virtual Conference on Transport Infrastructure Development, Spillover Effects, and Quality of Life

Event | 12 - 16 October 2020

Time of event

12 October: 16:30–00:00 Tokyo time
13 October: 13:30–18:30 Tokyo time
15 October: 09:30–18:30 Tokyo time
16 October: 10:30–18:30 Tokyo time

Note: There are no conference sessions on 14 Oct


Global leaders have in recent years endorsed a G20 roadmap and principles for promoting quality infrastructure investment to help catalyse economies and realize the Sustainable Development Goals. To take next steps toward these objectives, it is imperative to examine how transportation infrastructure, in particular, can enhance quality of life as well as mitigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to human mobility, infrastructure, supply chains, logistics, and integrated mobility models.

This ADBI-Chubu University virtual conference will feature new research on the spillover impacts of transportation infrastructure projects on the economy, environment, society, and quality of life, with an emphasis on high-speed rail growth. Taking place in conjunction with Chubu University’s 80th-anniversary, it will also assess the effects of COVID-19 within the sector as well as provide a forum for members of the World Conference of Transportation Research Society’s Special Interest Group on High-Speed Rail: Policy, Investments and, Impacts.

A special Graduate Students’ Colloquium on Railway Infrastructure, during which participants will have an opportunity to present and develop their research with ADBI and WCTR society experts, will be held on 16 October from 10:30 – 12:30. Click this link to learn more about the colloquium and submit a presentation by its 4 October deadline. This is separate from virtual conference registration information below.

  • Increase knowledge and policy development capacity related to the planning, implementation, and operation of transport infrastructure in Asia, with a focus on high speed rail
  • Exchange views and lessons learned with respect to transport infrastructure projects and, their spillover impacts on the economy, environment, society, and quality of life
  • Spotlight innovative ways to enhance and replicate the positive spillover effects of transport infrastructure development.
  • Policy makers, researchers from think tanks, universities, and other institutions, and practitioners in transportation and urban and regional planning
  • Improved understanding of the spillover impacts and quality of life implications of transportation infrastructure, particularly high-speed rail, and related policy imperatives
  • Greater impetus for policy dialogue, research, and collaboration within the sector
  • Presentation materials will be uploaded on the ADBI website
  • Research papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication as ADBI working papers and inclusion in an ADBI book
  • Chubu University, Japan
  • World Conference of Transport Research Society