ADBI-WCTRS Webinar Two on High-Speed Rail: Transportation Services During Pandemics: Reforming Transport and Living Work Systems for Resiliency and Quality of Life

Event | 12 June 2020


16:00–17:30 (Tokyo time)

Webinar Summary

Transportation has the potential to exacerbate as well as mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. The mobility and logistics risks include accelerating the spread of the virus, creating unsafe environments for passengers and transport staff, and inflaming economic and social disruptions. On the other hand, transportation can play a key role in promoting pandemic recovery and resilience.

This second installment of the ADBI-World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS) webinar series on high-speed rail examined transportation services and their quality of life implications during pandemics. The webinar explored a wide range of issues pertinent to mobility and the spread of pandemics, as well as evidence-based policy responses and their effectiveness. The speakers drew upon the findings of a global survey of experts and ongoing research by the WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force.

Among the areas of focus included the impacts of COVID-19 on transportation, particularly high-speed rail, preparedness for the pandemic within the sector, measures taken during the COVID-19 crisis, how people’s lives and society are expected to change, and reforms needed to promote transport and living work systems as drivers of recovery.

  • Examine the impacts of COVID-19 on transportation and quality of life, as well as policy responses
  • Promote reforms to enhance the sustainability and resilience of transport and living work systems in the face of pandemics
  • Policy makers; practitioners in the fields of transport planning, urban and regional planning, and sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems; researchers
  • Improved policy maker and stakeholder knowledge and understanding of the impacts of pandemics on transportation and quality of life
  • A more conducive policy environment for building the sustainability and resilience of transport and living work systems
  • Greater policy dialogue and opportunities for cooperation to help safeguard transportation and quality of life during pandemics
  • World Conference of Transport Research Society (WCTRS)
  • Chubu University, Japan