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Distinguished Speaker Series: Trends and Attitudes Towards Migration Globally

Event | 23 April 2019 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan
Speaker Details

Speaker: Neil Ruiz
Affiliation: Pew Research Center
Time: 11:00–12:00


Dr Neil Ruiz of the Pew Research Center will discuss newly released Pew survey findings on what the public in 27 nations thinks about immigration and offer new demographic analysis of migration patterns. In addition, he will examine trends in high-skilled migration in key labor markets and provide an early look at forthcoming research on attitudes toward migrants in major receiving and sending countries.

About the Speaker

Dr Neil G. Ruiz is associate director of global migration and demography at the Pew Research Center. His research focuses on the international movement of people across borders, the impact of migration in sending and receiving countries, high-skilled immigration to the United States, and comparative immigrant visa systems. Prior to joining the Center, Dr Ruiz was the executive director of the Center for Law, Economics & Finance at George Washington University. He has also worked as a migration expert at the Brookings Institution, World Bank, and Asian Development Bank. He is a political economist with a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MSc from Oxford University, and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. Ruiz regularly speaks about United States immigration and international migration research with major print and broadcast media.

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