Time of Event

Day 1: 09:30-13:10 Tokyo time
Day 2: 12:45-17:50 Tokyo time
Day 3: 09:30-13:20 Tokyo time


Climate change and other environmental challenges are increasingly threatening agricultural sustainability in Asia, which supports the livelihoods of over 40% of the region’s population and is crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in areas such as food security and nutrition, poverty reduction, water security, and climate action.

This virtual conference will feature new research on environmental challenges and agricultural sustainability in Asia, their interlinkages, and implications for the region’s socioeconomic development. Among the focuses will include the outlook for innovative farming practices and related policy priorities

  • Examine climate change risks to agricultural sustainability in Asia, particularly among developing countries
  • Highlight farming practices and agricultural technologies that can help to reduce carbon emissions and environmental degradation while improving the resilience of farming households
  • Explore complementary policies for promoting agricultural system development that advances climate change adaptation, greenhouse gas mitigation, and food security
Target Participants

Policy makers and agricultural practitioners from Asian Development Bank member economies, and other experts from think tanks, universities, and international organizations

  • Enhanced understanding of climate-smart agriculture
  • Identification of policies that could help improve sustainable agricultural productivity
  • Research presented during the conference will be considered for publication in an Environmental Challenge journal special issue

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