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Water and sanitation insecurity seriously constrain agriculture, industrialization, and daily life in Asia and the Pacific. During 2017–2030, Asia will need $800 billion in water and sanitation investments. Unfortunately, national and local governments, decision makers, and implementing agencies in developing Asian countries are unable to develop policies to prioritize and implement investment programs that deliver clear outcomes because they do not have evidence-based information and adequate leadership capacity.

Under the work program of ADBI, the proposed edited volume aims to evaluate and analyze regional perspectives on water and sanitation insecurity and disasters in Asia.


Gather experts and scholars who have submitted papers for the edited volume. Topics include the following:

  • Macro and regional economic perspectives of water and sanitation insecurity
  • Spillover effects of improved water and sanitation in Asia and the Pacific
  • Effects of gender-sensitive water and sanitation schemes
  • Demand-side options for increasing participation from communities and governments
  • Institutional arrangements
  • Policy recommendations at national and provincial levels
  • 15 scholars and experts from Asian countries
  • Discussion on key messages in the various papers
  • Feedback to authors for revising the respective papers
  • Selection of papers to be included in the edited volume
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By invitation only


Institute of Water Policy, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, K-Water, and Asia Pacific Water Forum

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