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Under the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, national governments are primarily responsible for disaster risk reduction and are advised to work closely with local governments and the private sector on mitigation efforts. Priority focuses stipulated in the framework include understanding disaster risk through data collection and analysis, strengthening disaster risk governance, investing in disaster risk reduction, and enhancing disaster preparedness and recovery.

UNESCO’s International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM) has been conducting innovative research on water-related disaster data collection, storage, and statistical analysis, as well as risk assessment, risk monitoring, and risk change prediction. ICHARM has also promoted policy ideas for enhancing water-related disaster risk reduction, disaster management, and capacity building programs.

Co-organized by ADBI and ICHARM, this policy dialogue will examine ways to promote water-related disaster resilience in developing Asia through the adoption of scientific evidence and tools in policymaking. The discussions will draw upon Japan’s disaster risk management program and lessons learned. The emphasis will further be on facilitating the adoption of comprehensive governance, financing, and management frameworks that advance disaster risk reduction.

  • Build understanding of water-related, climate-driven disaster risks in Asia such as floods and drought
  • Foster water-related disaster resilience experience sharing to guide developing Asian countries
  • Strengthen investment, policy implementation, and governance to boost disaster risk reduction and recovery
  • Senior government officials from developing Asian countries including Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka
  • Officials from Japan’s Meteorological Agency, Cabinet Office and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
  • University of Tokyo GraSPP students who are government officials
  • Experts from think tanks, and international organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, United Nations University, and World Bank
  • Identification of key trends, and challenges regarding water-related disaster risk governance, accountability, and reduction
  • Policy recommendations for enhancing disaster risk management in the region’s developing countries
  • Promotion of water-related disaster resilience cooperation and partnerships
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By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI.

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