Time of Event

14:00– 15:30 Tokyo Time


Rapid urbanization, high population density, and chronic traffic congestion have increased the importance of transport infrastructure development in Asia’s cities, with new opportunities to adopt digital tools such as cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and GPS systems that can streamline logistics processes, including administrative and regulatory requirements. 

Part of a series of ADBI workshops on transport in India and broader Asia, this webinar will discuss the drivers and welfare effects of digitization in India’s transport sector. Part one will examine data analytics prospects in Indian railways. Part two will discuss the use of data analysis to improve road safety.

The webinar will include English-Japanese simultaneous interpreting.

  • Explore digital technology and data science implementation in the Indian transport sector, with an emphasis on railways and roads
  • Exchange public and private sector knowledge and experience pertaining to the digitization of India’s transport infrastructure
  • Highlight transport sector lessons and possible next steps, drawing upon insights from India and other countries in the region
Target Participants
  • Policy makers, industry representatives, and experts focusing on infrastructure, transportation, and/or technology
  • Enhanced understanding of the drivers and welfare implications of digitalization in India’s transport sector
  • Identification of best practices for the use of digital technology and data in current and future infrastructure projects
  • Greater impetus for public-private cooperation within the sector
  • A policy brief and/or working paper on the digitization of the transport infrastructure in India
  • Japan Railway Technical Service
  • East Japan Railway Company
  • Asian Institute of Transport Development, India
  • Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur and Madras, India

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