Time of event

Day 1: 12:30–15:15 Tokyo time
Day 2: 12:30–15:00 Tokyo time


Women’s economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, and leadership are critical to the future of growth and the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5) on gender equality in Asia, but greater policy support is needed to advance equal opportunities and women’s rights. Priorities include better access to education, technology, and economic resources; assistance for working mothers such as childcare facilities, flexible working hours, and parental leave benefits; gender-pay-gap disclosure; and the reduction of gender disparities in leadership positions. In line with SDG5, the Asian Development Bank has incorporated gender targets such as these in its Strategy 2030.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had disproportionate economic impacts on women, which threatens to undermine the progress of gender equality in the region. Low skilled women and minorities with limited access to social and economic resources vital to pandemic mitigation and recovery are particularly vulnerable. Moreover, women’s engagement in unpaid work has increased significantly due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

This ADBI virtual policy dialogue assessed the progress of gender-related policies and the COVID-19 pandemic’s implications for gender equality in Asia. It also explored onward policy strategies for promoting women’s economic empowerment, with a focus on associated trends and challenges, women-oriented pandemic recovery, support for women in business, and boosting gender equality in the workplace.

  • Examine the progress of key gender economic indicators and challenges for improving women’s economic empowerment in Asia
  • Explore policy options and strategies for enhancing female employment, economic opportunities, and access to economic resources, including paid work
  • Senior and mid-level government officials, experts in the fields of gender, health, and economics, the private sector, and other stakeholders
  • Greater understanding of post-COVID-19 gender challenges and policy opportunities in Asian economies
  • A set of policy recommendations for promoting women’s economic empowerment, gender equality, and inclusive and sustainable development
  • Webinar presentations and related materials to be uploaded on the ADBI website

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