Time of Event

26–29 February 2024


In response to the growing need for skilled individuals in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program (CAREC) region's startups, universities, as one of the biggest producers of talent, have undertaken efforts to establish technology hubs and innovation centers and are promoting entrepreneurship culture among students. A robust startup ecosystem of Korean universities, supported by the Government of the Republic of Korea’s education policies and investments in R&D, stands as a noteworthy model for the CAREC region. Additionally, recognizing the importance of collaborative endeavors, CAREC universities are encouraged to engage in uniting efforts and sharing resources, contributing to sustainable regional development. The shared experiences and best practices gained from successful initiatives can pave the way for a collective approach, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship across the CAREC region.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) are co-organizing a workshop to facilitate this collaboration in Central Asia, aiming to help member governments and stakeholders build regional partnerships and support the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship in CAREC universities. A 4-day study tour will showcase the various aspects of the mechanisms in place to support the Korean startup ecosystem. The program includes workshops on organizational design, curricula, industry-university collaboration, and enabling environments and fostering collaboration among CAREC countries

  • Provide participants with first-hand insights into the mechanisms supporting the Korean startup ecosystem and equip participants with applicable knowledge.
  • Create actionable frameworks and provide participants with practical tools to enhance their university-based startup ecosystems.
  • Strengthen regional collaboration and emphasize the necessity for resource sharing for sustainable regional development.
Target Participants
  • Senior officials from the respective ministries and representatives from major universities of four CAREC countries
  • Provide first-hand insights into mechanisms that support the Korean startup ecosystem that can lead to the development of similar structures in the CAREC region
  • Provide a tangible guide for universities in the region, contributing to the enhancement of their innovation capabilities
  • Provide a set of policy development insights aligned with the best practices observed in Korean universities
How to Register
  • By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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