Workshop on the Development of a Sewerage System for Tashkent City

Event | 3 - 4 October 2013 Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Government officials of Uzbekistan will tackle issues on developing a wastewater master plan and appropriate sewerage system for Tashkent in this in-country workshop. Decision makers will discuss priority components that would form part of the proposed Tashkent Sewerage System.

ADB supports the workshop through a regional initiative on "Promoting Innovations in Wastewater Management in Asia and the Pacific" that aims to increase awareness and action to improve the existing urban sanitation conditions. The initiative is funded by the Water Financing Partnership Facility, ADB's pool of financial and knowledge resources from various donors that finances water and sanitation developments in the region.


To develop a sewerage system master plan for Tashkent


The workshop is organized by ADB in cooperation with the Government of Uzbekistan.


National and city government officials of Uzbekistan whose work relates to the development of the city's sanitation system will participate.