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'How to Buy Bonds' Site Adds Corporate Bonds

News Release | 16 November 2005

HONG KONG, CHINA - To further help develop mature bond markets in the region, ADB's AsianBondsOnline website today added corporate bond coverage to its "How to Buy Bonds" Knowledge Center section.

A step-by-step primer on the mechanics of buying and trading Asian corporate securities, How to Buy Corporate Bonds, guides potential investors through the various types of corporate debt securities available in each market, tendering procedures for newly-issued securities, how to trade on the secondary market, and related custodian and registry arrangements.

It also features a list of latest news on new issues and issue changes, and online options available for each market. How to Buy Corporate Bonds covers markets in PRC; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Korea; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; and Thailand.

Supported by ADB and financed by the Government of Japan, AsianBondsOnline is part of the ASEAN+3 Asian Bond Markets Initiative. Currently, How to Buy Bonds covers information on government and corporate bonds. AsianBondsOnline intends to expand coverage to include other security classes, such as Asian Bond Funds.