• January 2017

    Trends in Asia for Sukūk

    Some regulatory developments in Asia's sukuk markets have translated to increased sukuk issuances within ADB's developing members.
  • January 2017

    Islamic Finance in Key Asian Countries

    Asia's Islamic finance industry accounts for at least 20% of global Islamic financial assets.
  • January 2017

    Data Show 50 Years of Changing Asia

    From 12% of global GDP in the early 1960s to almost one third today, Asia's enviable economic growth has been consistent and robust. Greater wealth has brought social progress: a newborn today in Asia and the Pacific will live on average 25 years longer than her counterpart in the 1960s. But as the region has prospered, its share of carbon dioxide emissions has reached nearly half the global total. 
  • December 2016

    Foreign Direct Investments and Trade Trends in Asia and the Pacific

    Asia and the Pacific continues to be the world's top destination for foreign direct investments, which in 2015 reached $527 billion or nearly 30 per cent of the world's total. However, in the same year trade growth in the region decelerated to 2.3 per cent, below the 2.7 per cent growth in global trade.
  • November 2016

    50 Tahun Perubahan Asia Dalam Angka

    Dari 12% PDB global di awal 1960 hingga hampir sepertiganya kini, pertumbuhan ekonomi Asia berlangsung konsisten dan kuat. Kesejahteraan yang makin meningkat  membawa kemajuan sosial: bayi yang lahir hari ini di Asia-Pasifik rata-rata akan berumur 25 tahun lebih panjang daripada yang lahir di tahun 60-an. Namun, seiring makin sejahteranya kawasan ini, porsi emisi karbon dioksidanya kini sudah hampir setengah total emisi dunia.
  • September 2016

    Asian Development Outlook 2016 Update: Growth Outlook

    Growth has held up in developing Asia despite a difficult external environment, and the region is expected to grow steadily with forecasts unchanged from Asian Development Outlook 2016.
  • September 2016

    Recent Significant Disasters in the Asia and Pacific Region

    The recent disasters that affected Nepal and the Philippines serve as a call to risk-prone countries throughout Asia and the Pacific to build and vigilantly maintain resilience to catastrophes.
  • July 2016

    ICT Connecting the Pacific

    ADB is supporting projects across the Pacific that boost internet access, bringing education, healthcare, and communications to millions of isolated islanders.
  • May 2016

    Regional Microfinance Risk Participation and Guarantee Program

    Across Asia and the Pacific, many microfinance institutions still struggle to obtain commercial finance to fund their growth. In response, ADB set up a program to bridge this gap, ensuring financial services reach the poor.
  • May 2016

    ADB Donor Report 2015: Partnering for Development

    Working together with its development partners, ADB achieved $27.17 billion in operations in 2015 by leveraging $10.74 billion in cofinancing with $16.43 billion of its own resources.