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  • 3 May 2017

    Road to 2030: Developing ADB's New Strategy

    ADB is preparing a new strategy to respond to the changes brought about by a rapidly evolving Asia and the Pacific. See how ADB is involving stakeholders in shaping its future directions.
  • 25 Apr 2017

    Built to Last: Wo Che Estate, Hong Kong, China

    Approved in April 1977, the Sha Tin Urban Development (Housing) project was the Bank's first in the urban development (housing) sector. It was implemented to alleviate the living conditions of low-income families who had been living in overcrowded conditions in Hong Kong, China by providing for the construction of two housing estates (Wo Che and Sha Kok Estate) complete with community and social facilities in Sha Tin New Town (STNT).
  • 18 Apr 2017

    Built to Last: Sha tin Sewage Treatment Project, Hong Kong, China

    Approved in 1976, the project was implemented to provide sewage treatment facilities to a population of 226,000 in Sha Tin and Ma On Shan. Commissioned in December 1982, the Sha Tin Sewerage Treatment Works (STSTW) was progressively expanded and now serves about 630,000 people and is the largest secondary sewage treatment works in Hong Kong, China.
  • 11 Apr 2017

    Built to Last: Suzhou Creek Rehabilitation Project, PRC

    Approved in May 2000, the Suzhou Creek Rehabilitation Project was implemented to address the pollution suffered by the creek through the years. A key transport channel for industries along its banks, it also serves as drainage for raw industrial and city wastewater of Shanghai.
  • 4 Apr 2017

    Built to Last: Ngee Ann Technological College, Singapore

    Approved in December 1970, the project helped improve vocational education at the Ngee Ann Technological College (NATC) as Singapore rapidly industrialized. Established in 1963, the school, now known as the Ngee Ann Polytechnic, is one of Singapore’s leading institutions for higher learning.