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ADB management and subject experts share knowledge, views, and insights on development issues in op-ed articles and opinion pieces published in international and regional publications.

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  • India is a paradox. The success of a group of sectors, from information technology to industry and services, is creating an urban elite showcased as the builders of a modern and vibrant country on the cusp of joining the world's major economic powers. But just outside their corporate campuses and air-conditioned shopping malls, 840 million Indians continue to survive on less than US$2 (S$3.30) a day.
  • Seeing dejected fishermen on Guraidhoo Island, one of the many tsunami-devastated islands, it was hard to find words of comfort for those who had been through such trauma. The giant waves had swept away not only their homes and boats, but also damaged a nearby resort where the fishermen had sold their catch to tourists.
  • The Philippines has a lot going for it. It has concerned, committed and competent economic managers; there is a raft of essentially sound economic, social, environmental and regulatory legislation on the books; appropriate institutions have been established; the workforce is educated, entrepreneurial and eager; nature's gifts are in abundance; traditional Filipino friendliness is everywhere.
  • LAO BAO, Vietnam: In an era of divisiveness, it is heartening to see one part of the world, the Greater Mekong subregion, moving toward greater integration and harmonization. This is especially so since the area, comprising the six countries sharing the Mekong River, was divided until only recently by longstanding conflicts.