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Bangladesh: A Witness to Development

Photo Essay | 14 August 2015

Documentary photographer Mohammad Rakibul Hasan has captured the impact that development projects have made in Bangladesh through a series of striking images. He visited the Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Project, which is improving the lives of indigenous communities in southeastern Bangladesh by making it easier to get health care, education and do business. 

In remote parts of Bangladesh, Hasan saw how off-grid solutions are providing electricity to millions of homes.

“I saw many homes with installed solar panels. Children can now read under the light at night. People are using mobile phones, computers, televisions, refrigerators, and other electronic devices, thanks to solar energy. Solar pumps are used for irrigation, thus lowering the cost of food production. Many shops also use solar power. Access to renewable energy has changed countless lives,” he said.

In other projects, people are being helped through the development of efficient and affordable transport systems, providing skills training, and supporting small and medium businesses.

“One would not be wrong to label Bangladesh an overpopulated country. There was a time when many people in this country struggled to fulfill their basic needs,” Hasan said. “However, times have changed. The country is no more under the threat of extreme poverty. Bangladesh is developing fast and can aim toward becoming a middle-income country in the near future.”

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