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Photo Essays


  • February 2012

    A Total Package

    A decade ago, ADB began a project to address the rising water and sanitation problems in Karnataka, India. Today, the people are smiling - a testament to the remarkable difference access to basic infrastructure services can make.
  • February 2012

    Well-Springs of New Hope

    In Cambodia, an ADB-supported project is helping expand access to improved rural water supply and sanitation and to better the health of rural residents in six provinces around the Tonle Sap Basin.
  • February 2012

    Moving On to Better Lives in Cambodia

    As Cambodia revives an old rail network, people who used to reside along the railways now enjoy better living conditions in new resettlement sites.
  • January 2012

    Changing Course in Urban Transport

    The Changing Course in Urban Transport - Illustrated Guide provides a rich collection of images of sustainable urban transport initiatives from around the world. It considers the transport problems evident in many cities in Asia, and recommends a new paradigm that reflects the best knowledge and practices of sustainable urban transport programs around the world. The Illustrative Guide was a joint initiative of ADB and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammernarbeit).
  • January 2012

    Children Dream of Bright and Modern Future for Tajikistan and Its Neighbors

    Children from Dushanbe entered a drawing contest to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program.
  • October 2011

    Coral Triangle Book

    The Coral Triangle is a 272-page book that showcases the people, places, and marine ecosystems that make this region truly remarkable. Published by ADB and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the book documents an 18-month expedition by award-winning photographer Jürgen Freund and Stella-Chiu Freund.
  • October 2011

    Highlights from the Central Asia Atlas

    The Atlas brings to its readers a sense of the beauty and wealth in Central Asia, the issues its people face in using and conserving natural resources, and the efforts toward sustainable development.
  • August 2011

    Raising the Quality of Health Services in Indonesia

    A project is assisting Indonesia in improving the health status of the population, especially the poor and vulnerable groups.
  • July 2011

    Rural Bhutan Plugs into the Digital Future

    For many young people from rural Bhutan, ADB-funded community e-centers are the first step to the future.
  • June 2011

    ADB's Clean Energy Program

    From solar farms to water-wheels to compact fluorescent lamps, ADB is supporting alternative uses of energy across the region.