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  • May 2011

    Manila's Pasig River - Getting Clean, Growing Healthier

    In some countries settlements spread along riverbanks, most without proper sanitation systems, dumping tons of household waste into rivers every day. A massive cleanup in Estero de Paco, an estuary of Manila's Pasig River, was conducted. Concrete embankments have been built and running water and septic tanks installed.
  • April 2011

    Sowing Seeds of Progress in Viet Nam

    ADB is supporting rural infrastructure projects that help farming families boost crop yields and more easily get their harvest to market. With better rural infrastructure, more and more families in Viet Nam are able to free themselves from poverty.
  • April 2011

    Nourishing Viet Nam's Future

    ADB is providing support so health workers can show mothers how to improve their children's nutrition. With better-nourished children, the future is looking brighter in Viet Nam.
  • April 2011

    Clean Water for Viet Nam's Families

    Providing clean water for families throughout Viet Nam is one of ADB's priorities.
  • April 2011

    In Viet Nam, Agriculture Aid Bears Fruit

    ADB is providing the Southern Horticultural Research Institute with technological and research training support. With ADB assistance, farmers will continue to grow their businesses, and feed Viet Nam's people.