Public-Private Partnership Workshop - Makoto Ojiro

Speech | 21 June 2010

Opening remarks by ADB Tajikistan Country Director Makoto Ojiro at the Public-Private Partnership Workshop on June 21, 2010 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Dear Mr. Buriev, participants of the seminar, ladies and gentlemen, good morning to all of you.

On behalf of the Asian Development Bank and CAREC Secretariat, I would like to welcome you to today's one-day workshop on Public–Private Partnership (PPP). It is an honour for me as the Country Director of the ADB's Tajikistan Resident Mission to say a few words to open this workshop.

Private sector development and private sector operations are among the key drivers of change under the ADB's long–term strategic framework: Strategy 2020. By 2020, ADB aims to scale–up private sector development; and our private sector operations are targeted to comprise 50% of all operations. Private sector development is also one of three priority areas of ADB's new Country Partnership Strategy for Tajikistan for 2010–2014, which was agreed on 18 May 2010.

The topic of today's workshop is of high relevance for the region and Tajikistan, in particular. Many countries now recognize the need to adopt Public–Private Partnership approaches for infrastructure development in view of large financing gaps between investment requirements and available public financial resources. Clearly, the whole area of PPP is challenging and complex. Capacity building to support PPPs at all levels of the government is essential for countries at the beginning stage of PPP development, like Tajikistan.

A new initiative to promote PPP was endorsed at CAREC 7th Ministerial Conference in November 2008. Under this initiative, three workshops were conducted last year in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Mongolia. Given positive responses received and interests from the governments, three more workshops will be carried out this year, one in Dushanbe, one in Ashgabat, and one in Tashkent. I think through these workshops, CAREC countries can benefit in learning new knowledge and first hand experience from leading experts in this sphere.

Let me now introduce facilitators of the workshop.

The key instructor today is Mr. Arthur Smith, Chairman of the US National Council for Public–Private Partnership. Mr. Smith has more then 30 years experience in PPP planning and management.

The second presenter is Ms. Elaine Glennie, ADB's Senior Finance Specialist. Elaine rejoined ADB in 2010 after heading a multilateral PPP learning and knowledge sharing program at ADB Institute in Tokyo (2006–2009).

Workshop of this type does not come very often to Tajikistan. Therefore, I hope that everyone will benefit from this opportunity. We should make the most out of this workshop through learning and collaboration with each other to enhance our understanding of PPP applications, structure, and implementation.

I wish you a very productive and useful workshop, and thank you for your attention.