Opening Remarks by ADB President Haruhiko Kuroda at the Third ADF XI Replenishment Meeting on 7 March 2012

Mme Chair, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good morning and a warm welcome to the 3rd Meeting for ADF XI.

This meeting follows very productive discussions we had in September and in December last year. Thanks to constructive discussion, cooperation and understanding, we have reached consensus on many issues. We have reached agreements on the role and priorities of ADF XI as well as on the special themes of ADF XI, namely gender, food security, and fragile and conflict situations. I trust we can reach consensus on the remaining issues during the three day negotiation starting today.

Throughout the ADF XI replenishment negotiation, you have expressed strong support for ADF in addition to providing guidance on various policy issues. Needless to say, I appreciate your continued support for ADF. This is also a tremendous encouragement to ADF countries who face a lot of challenges with scarce resources.

I assure you that ADB will continue to pursue high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in our assistance including ADF operations. ADB has been working on transformation in line with our Long Term Strategic Framework, Strategy 2020, and ADB must constantly improve itself to achieve our vision of an Asia and Pacific free of poverty.

As you are aware, we have introduced greater strategic clarity; a results-focused management system; innovative products; more flexible business processes; better organizational arrangements for staff development and incentives; improved communications and greater accountability of policies; and enhanced gender mainstreaming in ADB operations, as well as within ADB. Today, a result focused culture has become deeply embedded in all spheres of ADB activities, and at all levels of our work. The results framework, along with the associated Development Effectiveness Review, has become a major management tool for measuring progress and identifying areas for improvement.

These measures have helped ADB to be a more relevant, responsive, and results-oriented institution. I am pleased to note that, in recent years, several external and independent studies found that ADB is one of the best performing multilateral development banks, and that ADF provides good value for money for development.

Having said that, let me emphasize that our efforts to improve will continue. Deepening and consolidating this will remain a top priority during the ADF XI period. The presentation on reforms this morning will shed further light on the specific measures we are considering to pursue. We will listen carefully to all your valuable guidance.

Finally, this meeting aims to conclude discussions on financial resources of ADF XI and donor contributions. I thank all of you for your continued support for the poor and vulnerable people in ADF countries, particularly in view of the difficult international economic context in which this replenishment is taking place. I understand that all of us concur with the need to maximize the resources for ADF countries in these difficult times, and most of you have supported the use of scenario 1 as the basis for pledging. We need to assure ADF countries that, with your generous support and leadership, we can deliver effective and meaningful assistance to them over the ADF XI period. Therefore, I would like to ask for your understanding and strong support.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This meeting provides the opportunity to bring to fruition many months of hard work. Let us continue our cooperative and collaborative spirit for a successful replenishment.

Thank you.