At the second session of the ADB Board of Governors held online on 18 September 2020, Governors considered the remaining agenda items and concluded the meeting.

ADB’s second stage of its 53rd Annual Meeting was held via virtual meetings and online seminars from 17 to 18 September. At the event, Ministers from ADB members, ADB Management, and development and industry experts discussed a range of issues confronting Asia and the Pacific as it responds to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Webinar topics included universal health coverage, regional cooperation, technology and investments, resilient and inclusive recovery, and domestic resource mobilization. View the full list of webinars and meetings.

The first stage of the 53rd Annual Meeting comprised a reduced-scale meeting of the Board of Governors on 22 May, during which Governors approved ADB’s financial statements and net income allocation in line with ADB institutional requirements.