55th ADB Annual Meeting (2nd Stage): CNBC Debate - Managing Asia's Energy Transition

Video | 29 September 2022


Panelists in this event addressed how economies in Asia and the Pacific can achieve an energy transition that meets rapidly rising demand. They also discussed what policies and regulatory approaches are required to spur the deployment of renewables and ensure we have an energy transition that works for all.

The event, delivered in conjunction with CNBC, was held as part of the 55th Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors.

The Asia and Pacific region is responsible for around 80% of global coal consumption and more than 50% of CO2 emissions. The devastating consequences of climate change are increasingly plain to see: floods, droughts, heat waves, and storms afflict countries across the region. A successful transition to low-carbon power in Asia will be critical to meeting emission reduction goals under the Paris Agreement. But there is now a new set of challenges that could derail targets: post-pandemic budgets are strained, inflation could affect investment, and supply chains are being rethought.


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