55th ADB Annual Meeting (2nd Stage): Empowering Youth to Accelerate Just Transition to Greener Economies

Video | 30 September 2022


This session, jointly held with Plan International, explored how meaningful youth engagement can support the advancement of “just transitions” in promoting quality jobs and livelihoods, as well as contribute new ideas to the policy space on just transitions. Panelists included ADB specialists, civil society representatives, and government representatives who will discuss how young people can shape the just transition so that their desired ecological and economic futures can be realized.

“Just transition” covers a range of social interventions to secure workers' rights and livelihoods as economies shift to sustainable production in order to combat climate change. Opportunities are emerging to create green jobs and minimize the effect of job losses, especially on the vulnerable, which includes many young people. 

The event was held on the sidelines of the 55th Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors.


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