The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been one of Armenia’s largest development partners, helping the country to lay stronger foundations for inclusive, diversified, and transformative growth. Since the start of its partnership with Armenia in 2005, ADB has committed about USD 1.6 billion in loans and technical assistance grants to the country. The bank’s support to the country is focused on transport, public sector management, finance, energy, water, and other urban infrastructure and social services.

Over the 15 years of ADB-Armenia partnership, the bank has helped Armenia diversify the economy and increase opportunities for Armenians to benefit from growth. ADB has supported lending to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in Armenia, with a specific focus on women and areas outside the capital, Yerevan.

In the transport sector, ADB’s investments have helped develop an efficient, safe, and sustainable road network, and improved domestic and cross-border connectivity. Other infrastructure support includes helping to strengthen 46 priority school buildings against earthquake risk and improving the government’s seismic safety planning.

ADB has also committed almost $35 million in COVID-19 related projects to help the government protect its people and recover from the pandemic.

ADB’s support to Armenia is aligned with the country’s Transformation Strategy 2020-2050 that covers competitiveness, inclusiveness, and maximizing exports.


Armenia is on a steady path to growth and ADB has been its partner through the journey since 2005.

Together, we are building road networks that speed up travel, open opportunities, and connect the country to its neighbors, helping reclaim Armenia’s vital position on the historical Silk Road.

Over 260 kilometers of rural roads have been rehabilitated, linking 75,000 people to Yerevan and regional cities.

We are helping modernize 4 hydro power plants and other infrastructure to improve energy efficiency and power homes across the country.

We helped improve access to water supply, with over 360,000 people now enjoying safe and reliable water.

We are supporting small businesses, including over 2,000 women entrepreneurs, by providing advice and access to finance. 

We continue to do these and more.

Promoting reforms to develop financial markets and creating a better environment for climate resilient investments,

Preparing communities against climate change and natural hazards,

And helping protect the population from health threats such as COVID-19.

Paolo Spantigati
Country Director for Armenia
Asian Development Bank

"We are proud of Armenia’s achievements in the past 15 years, and this despite the many challenges that the country has faced. 

ADB will continue to provide support with knowledge, solutions, and financing assistance to promote growth and inclusiveness. And this we will continue doing through sovereign and non-sovereign operations.

ADB will continue providing support to road, energy, and urban development. But also we will support infrastructure projects and solutions with innovations through sovereign and non-sovereign investments to support private sector. This we will do with special attention to the underprivileged - women, children, and people with less opportunities."