ADB and civil society strengthen collaboration on Pacific region projects

Video | 02 May 2019


Enhanced project design, collaboration and partnership between ADB and civil society organizations in the Pacific region.


Text: ADB’s Strategy 2030 seeks to strengthen collaboration with civil society organizations.

We’ve partnered with civil society organizations to enhance the design and implementation of projects in education, health, urban development as well as environmental conservation

Text: Fiji

ADB partnered with Conservation International to promote sustainable fishing using fish aggregating devices (FADs).

Text: FADs are floating devices used to lure fish in the deep ocean.

The completely devastated [by Tropical Cyclone Winston]. We had to look for alternatives for communities to source their food from. The only way that was actually envisioned is for them to kind of move off the reef to go out to the deep ocean.

It lessens the pressure on the reefs so the reef fish and the corals can recover. It was one of the main outcomes, the involvement of women in fishing and also in other resource management activities.

Text: Timor-Leste

ADB engaged Claret and Don Bosco training centers for a vocational skills training for the youth.

The development of the country depends on the development of the people. Only 25% of the young people finish secondary school. 75%, no. That's why they have to pass through all these five specific areas – carpentry, electricity, welding, plumbing and masonry.

We prepare them to work in East Timor. Here, we have general construction department, automotive department air condition, and also administration and computer section.

Providing good formation, especially vocational skills, is a key for the future of the country

Text: Papua New Guinea

ADB partnered with CSOs including Marie Stopes International to bring primary health care services to 8 rural provinces.

The country has a very good national family planning policy. We implemented on behalf of the National Department of Health. The ADB Rural Primary Health Services project, with their contribution, we implemented our national family planning training program to upskill the health workers in the country -- the public health workers, the church health workers, and the NGO health workers in providing long term family planning methods.

Text: Vanuatu

ADB engaged Wan Smol Bag Theater to develop plays and comics on urban sanitation and disease prevention in Port Vila.

We had to do some of the implementation of the work around sanitation that was happening in Port Vila. We went around communities and schools. Some schools changed their practices. Teachers spoke to all the students, “You have got to bring soap. We will look after it for you but you have your own bar of soap, and when you go to the toilet, you take it.

We very much value our partnership with civil society organizations. Their participation has enabled very strong stakeholder consultation as well as helping to ensure better design quality, stronger implementation, and at the end of the day, higher quality projects with development results.

Text: Partnering with CSOs enhances ADB’s work.


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