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ADB and Partners Boost Sustainable Fishing in Fiji

Video | 22 April 2019

Fiji is working with ADB and Conservation International to promote sustainable fishing through the use of lures in Ra province.


Text: ADB promotes partnership with civil society organizations in the design and implementation of its projects.

Text: In Fiji, ADB partnered with Conservation International to promote sustainable fishing using fish aggregating devices (FADs).

Text: FADs are floating devices used to lure fish in the deep ocean.

There was a lot of destruction in the reefs, so [fish aggregating devices] FADs were thought to bring about this sustainable source of food. We worked with Conservation International, through this ADB-funded project, to bring this support to the coastal communities.

The communities needed to be trained on how to utilize the FADs. They didn’t have the fishing techniques. They didn’t have the equipment that were required, nor did they have the technological skills to make the [FAD fishing] more effective.

There was a big interest from the women. In Naimuamanda village, the number of women who have fishing license, there are 29 of them and only 6 men.

Before, fish comes seasonally. But now when FADs have been installed, fish is in abundance and fishing is ongoing. Also, we can catch bigger fish now, which fetches good prices, enabling us to provide for our family.

Sometimes, we earn more than $100 for just 2 hours and we are back from fishing in the 3rd hour.

The smallest fish I would catch would weigh around 2-3 kg so it is much better than spearfishing. To me, I prefer trolling around the FAD. I really like the FAD.

Text: Partnering with CSOs enhances ADB’s work.